Privacy policies

It’s the privacy policies that explain how we collect the required customer data or information. Understand these guidelines or regulations as the first step and then proceed to access our service

It’s all about the data collection methods and type of documents collected

Data collection methods

We follow the appropriate data collection methods. You can share the required information using email or chat services

Want to know the type of documents collected methods?

  • Personal information- Provide your name, email ID and contact information
  • Payment information- Credit card or billing requirements to make transactions
  • Location data- Sometimes its recommended to collect the location information
  • Error reports- Explain the reason and cause of  error
  • Device manuals- Will have the device features and specifications
  • Plan orders and service plans-  Required if you would like to access the services

Cookies- Often recommended as you can track the website performance easily. Enable the settings and  you can download or collect the required documents  from website easily


Denote the rules and regulations and you can follow the regulations to prevent the misuse. These regulations are framed by the concerned  judicial authorities

User responsibility

It’s the user responsibility to safeguard the data or information and our website authorities will not be liable for misinterpretation

Do not share the data or information or reproduce it

It’s always good to create a back up of required files as it may be referred for inquiry

If you would like to know more, read and understand the privacy policies in detail,  speak to our  network support team at the earliest