Terms and conditions

We – The term “We denote the website authorities

It’s important to follow and adhere to the rules and regulations to access our service. Terms and conditions, privacy policy plays the role

These regulations bind our customers and website authorities.

As you visit our webpage or proceed to activate the service, you may receive a prompt to accept the license agreement

Our service

We are an independent service provider and services offered include device setup, activation assistance, troubleshooting and much more

It’s our vision to offer best and timely support to the customers

Judicial rules and regulations

  • Strict regulations are incorporated to prevent  misuse or misinterpretation of data published on our webpage
  • Note that these regulations are framed by the concerned judicial authorities
  • In case if any issue arise,  you are supposed to escalate  to the website authorities and we have a team of customer support to assist you round the clock

Copyright regulations

It’s not advisable to share the data posted to third-party authorities or use it for personal use. Its the copyright regulations that help


Privacy policies

These policies are must to be followed and explain the steps to collect the required customer data

Suggest you to accept and understand the policies to proceed further as privacy policies are important to be followed

Let us provide a few updates here, if you would like to know more

Reservation of rights

Our website authorities reserve the rights to make changes to services or information posted on our webpage

Service cancellation or chargeback policies

If you do not require the service or would like to cancel, follow the appropriate chargeback policies. The instructions are available on our webpage


All your data or information will be safe and we do not share it without user approval or consent

Changes – Policy changes are common and will be updated regularly on our webpage. It’s good if you stay updated

Refund policies- To cancel the services and to ensure money-back guarantee, refund policies are always important


Customers and website authorities are requested to maintain conduct and not to be aggressive

Read and understand the terms and conditions, privacy policies and if you would like to know more, reach out to our customer support team at the earliest